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Book 1. The Genesis Genealogies: God's Administration in the History of Redemption
* 1. : . Korean version published October 27, 2007 (ISBN 978-89-960163-0-4)
* English version published October 2009, (ISBN 978-4-7946-0628-2) 
* The Bible is the Word of God and is inerrant.

Describes the purpose of genealogies in the Bible and method of studying them
* C
alculation of the years and the redemptive historical meaning of the patriarchs from Adam to Abraham in Genesis 5 and 11
* Biblical calculation of the d
uration of building Noah's Ark.
The author writes in page 242, "Considering this, the period for building the ark can be estimated to have been approximately seventy to eighty years.  Therefore, the view that it took Noah 120 years to build the ark is erroneous." 

Book 2. The Covenant of the Torch: A Forgotten Encounter in the History of the Exodus and Wilderness Journey
* 2. : . Korean version published May 17, 2008 (ISBN 978-89-960163-3-5)
* English version published March 2010, (ISBN 978-0-7946-0631-2) 
* Follows on from Genesis, covering Exodus to Joshua in the Bible.

The author explains the Covenant of the Torch in Genesis chapter 15 in detail from its ratification to fulfillment 692 years later.
Isaac's faith in blessing Jacob instead of Esau is explained.
The map of the locations of all the 42 campsites in the wilderness journey is included.
The area of theological debate of Jacob purchasing Shechem mentioned in (Genesis 33:19) and Abraham buying the land of Shechem mentioned by Stephen in (Acts 7:16) is reconciled.

Book 3. The Unquenchable Lamp of the Covenant: The First Fourteen Generations in the Genealogy of Jesus Christ
* 3. : . Korean version published April 26, 2009 (ISBN 978-89-960163-4-2)
* English version published March 2011, (ISBN 978-0-7946-0670-1)  
* Covers the 1st period of Matthew's genealogy of Jesus Christ: From Abraham to David
* Covers the period from Judges to Samuel books in the Bible.

* The Matthew and Luke genealogies, another area of theological debate is reconciled.
Details the lives of King Saul and King David.
A first-ever map detailing the 16 stops of King David's 10-year flight from King Saul is included.
Explains the reason why certain names were omitted in the 1st period of 14 generations in Jesus' genealogy in Matthew 1.

Book 4. God's Profound and Mysterious Providence: As Revealed in the Genealogy of Jesus Christ from the time of David to the Exile in Babylon
* 4. : . Korean version published November 11, 2009 (ISBN 978-89-94106-01-4)
* English version published March 2012, (ISBN 978-0-7946-0717-3) 
* Covers the 2nd period of Matthew's genealogy of Jesus Christ: From David to the Babylonian Captivity
* Covers the Books of the Kings to the Chronicles books in the Bible.
* Details the life of King Solomon.

Reveals accurately all the years of reign of all the Hebrew kings in Judah and Israel using a new calculation method from the Bible.
* The correct duration of the construction of the Solomon's Temple 6 years and 6 months is revealed and explained using the biblical calendar months as basis of calculation.

Explains why some kings were omitted in the 2nd period of Jesus' genealogy in Matthew 1.

Book 5. The Promise of the Eternal Covenant: God's Profound Providence as Revealed in the Genealogy of Jesus Christ (Postexilic Period)
* 5. : . Korean version published March 15, 2011 (ISBN 978-89-94106-03-8)
* English version published January 2015, (ISBN 978-0-7946-0769-2) 
* Covers the 3rd period of the Matthew's Genealogy of Jesus Christ in the Bible.
* Details Nebuchadnezzar's dream and Daniel's interpretation from God.

Features a timeline chart with Bible verses which compares the timeline and rulers of the nations of Judah and Israel, as well as the Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Greek, Roman empires. 
* The chart also reveals accurately all the years of the Old Testament prophets and their active years as prophets and it also compares the genealogy of Matthew 1 and Luke 3 from 750 BC to 4 BC.  

Provides deep insight into the 400-year "period of silence" from Malachi to Jesus Christ; God worked relentlessly for the redemption of mankind during this time, culminating in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ.
Explains why 5 generations were omitted in the 3rd period of Jesus' genealogy in Matthew 1.

Book 6. The Eternal High Priest of the Covenantal Oath
* 6. . Korean version published May 12, 2012 (ISBN 978-89-94106–05-2)
* English version yet to be published  
* The genealogies in the Chronicles and its special features
The duties of the Levites and priests
77 names of the genealogy of the High Priest and they are listed according to Temples, by time and by the king's appointment.  
* In the Temple period, there were 29 high priests; Tabernacle Period: Aaron to Ahitub (10 high priests), Solomon’s Temple: Zadok to Jehozedek (13 high priest), Zerubabbel Temple: Joshua to Jaddua (6 high priests). 
* Listing by time, 19 high priests from Onias I [393 BC to 280 BC] to Antigonus [40 BC to 37 BC].  By the king’s appointment, 29 high priests from Ananel [37 BC to 35 BC] to Phannias [67 to 70 AD].

A biblically accurate illustration of the high priest's garment.  The duties of the high priest are explained, namely to offer sacrifices, enter the Holy of Holies, judge with the Urim and Thummim and to save people in cities of refuge.  
Jesus Christ is the Eternal High Priest of the Covenantal Oath (Hebrews 7)

Book 7. The Eternal Covenant for All Generations: The Ten Commandments
* 7. : . Korean version published December 19, 2012 (ISBN 978-89-94106-12-0)
* English version yet to be published  
* Characteristics and the importance of Sinaitic Covenant and its Redemptive Historical Meaning
Moses 8 ascents on Mount Sinai: The process of receiving the Ten Commandments
* Te Commandments of the Scripture: Ten Commandments and its Ten Essence
The Principles and Characteristics of Ten Commandments

Book 8. The Fulfillment of the Covenant of the Torch: The Ten Plagues, The Exodus, and the Entry into Canaan
* 8. : 10 . Korean version published October 03, 2013 (ISBN 978-89-94106-12–8)
* English version yet to be published  
* The Core of the Covenant: The Covenant of Torch
The Preparation for Exodus
Ten Plagues
* The Exodus
* The Wilderness Journey
* The Entry into Canaan

Book 9. The Mystery of the Wondrous Glory: The Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant
* 9. : . Korean version published December 17, 2013 (ISBN 978-89-94106-14-4)
* English version yet to be published  
* Jesus Christ the Mystery of God
Introduction of Tabernacle: The Structure
* The Sacred Objects in the Tabernacle
* Ark of the Covenant and the Three
Sacred Things
* The Restoration of the Ark and the Capture of the City of Zion
* Detailed Diagram of the Tabernacle: Bronze Altar, Water Basin, The Holy Place and the Most Holy Place
* The Order of Setting Up the Tabernacle
* The Design and the Description of the Ark of the Covenant

About the Author

Rev. Abraham Park Yoon-sik
May17, 1928 - December 17, 2014

* Born in Sariwon, Hwang-he Province, Korea
* B.A. in Corporate Management from Kookmin University, Korea
* M.Div from the Presbyterian General Assembly Theological University, Korea
* Honorary D.D. from Faith Theological Seminary, USA
* Honorary D.D. from Knox Theological Seminary, USA
* Former Moderator of the Hapdong Conservative General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Korea

The late Rev. Abraham Park founded Pyungkang Cheil Presbyterian Church in Seoul, Korea. His ministry spans over 56 years. He is the author of the History of Redemption Series books. He is known to pray daily for at least 2 hours and reads the Bible at least 3 hours each day, and this he has done without missing a day throughout his ministry. In the early part of his ministry, Rev. Park spent 3 1/2 years of solitude in a cave atop Mount Jiri, where he devoted day and night to the Bible and prayer. He attested with all his heart and soul that "the Bible is the living Word of God." As a bastion of conservative Reformed faith, he firmly taught that the Word of God is inerrant, infallible, and inspired by the Holy Spirit. Having read the Bible over 1,800 times, he is widely respected for his dedication, charisma, and unrivaled adeptness in biblical exposition. His Bible-centered ministry reached fruition through his congregation whose lives are centered on the church and the Word of God. Their service and dedication for the church, which is the body of Christ, has left indelible impressions on many theologians and ministers from all over the world.