Church News

1. Our vision for 2017: “A church that fulfills redemptive history by carrying out the love of the cross” (Mt 22:36-40, Col 1:20, 1 Co 5:7, Jer 50:34).

2. Please pray for peoples and nations as the history of redemption continues mightily according His providence.

3. 2017 Spring Korean School Semester is from February 11 - May 27, 2017 (15 weeks). Click here for more info.

4. Infant Baptism: All interested parent(s) should fill out the application form and complete 2 week baptism classes starting on May 7. The baptism ceremony will take place near the end of May.

RE: 2017 NY. Youth & Young Adult History of Redemption Conference is from July 1(Sat)- 4(Tue) at Evergreen Church in NY. Theme: “Remember, Return and be Redeemed” (Is 44:21-22). Register by May 31 at Fee: $30. All food and lodging included. This is for all junior & senior high, college and single young adults under 30. Come join us and be empowered through the profound working of the Word of God!