Church News

1. Our vision for 2017: “A church that fulfills redemptive history by carrying out the love of the cross” (Mt 22:36-40, Col 1:20, 1 Co 5:7, Jer 50:34).

2. Please pray for peoples and nations as our ministry of the history of redemption continues mightily according His providence.

3. 2017 Fall Korean School Semester is from September 9 - December 23, 2017 (15 weeks). Click here for more info.

Congratulations! We've celebrated infant baptism ceremony on May 28 for the following children: Leimma Jang (19mo), Nathan Won (14mo), Abigail Lee (6mo), Jason Lee (3mo).

Congratulations! Congrats to Bathsheba Kim for graduating from Paint Branch High on May 26. She will be freshman at University of Maryland at College Park this Fall.

RE: 2017 NY. Youth & Young Adult History of Redemption Conference is from July 1(Sat)- 4(Tue) at Evergreen Church in NY. Theme: “Remember, Return and be Redeemed” (Is 44:21-22). Register at Fee: $30 (pay cash in NY). All food and lodging included. There will be 3 times of offering collections during the conference. This is for all junior & senior high, college and single young adults under 40. Come join us and be empowered through the profound working of the Word of God!

(a) What do bring: Bible, notebook, pen, closed footwear for Sunday, toothpaste, toothbrush, offering (3x - opening service, closing service, Lord's Day service), money for snacks (food will be provided free of charge)

(b) Dress code 1: Re: 2017 NY t-shirts will be worn on Sunday (7.2) and on Tuesday (7.5). On other days participants can wear personal clothes.

(c) Dress code 2: No hot pants, shorts must be past the thigh, no leggings, no deep v-neck, no sleeveless shirts, no slippers on Sunday, socks on Sunday, no shorts on Sunday, no excessive jewelry