Hangul School 

First Faith Korean (Hangul) School is a language education institution, which was founded in 2001, for Korean Americans and for any persons who are interested in learning and improving Hangul skill, regardless of their age, nationality and cultural background. 

With the aim of cultivating upright character and identity for the 2nd and 3rd generation Korean Americans and presenting Korea to those who are interested in Korean, we put our care and love into each student’s ability to progress in the small class ability group settings. 

In addition to using officially recognized text books, we also use visual and hearing supplementary aids to promote better learning environment. Our loving and understanding teachers are dedicated in serving the learning needs of the students! 

Thru the proper Hangul education 

(1) we seek to improve the inevitable conversation block and understanding difficulties between parents & children as English has become the primary language that is being written, spoken and/or expressed otherwise both at home and outside of family nest. 

(2) we seek to improve and minimize identity confusion that can be experienced by our Korean American brothers and sisters through proper Hangul education including Korean history and cultural manners. 

(3) we can help how to type in Hangul for many personal hobbies and educational learning experiences including but not limited to daily journals, emailing and surfing the web in Korean. 

(4) we can help and improve reading skills of those who are interested in understanding the Korean Bible to capture the deepness of the Word of God. 

  • For: K (5 yrs old) - 12th Grade | Any person who is interested in learning & improving Hangul skill regardless of age
  • Registration: online registration or by phone or email or walk in (30 min before the first day of classes in person)
  • 2018 Spring Semester: February 10, 2018 - May 26, 2018 (15 weeks)
  • Time: Saturdays from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Class: Hangul (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Hearing), Culture (including cooking and folk game), History, Hangul Typing
  • Tuition: $ 150 per student per semester (10% discount for each additional family members) includes snack
  • We can enroll you during the semester. Beginner's Hangul class for adults can also be arranged
  • Contact Us: 301.332.2000 or 301.942.0504 | firstfaith3200@gmail.com

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* You can pay the tuition by check on the first day.