All our groups and ministries exist to honor God by maximizing our thoughts & actions in Christ. The dynamics of maximum life in Jesus results in
 FAITH: Faithfulness, Affection, Integrity, Togetherness and Holiness. 

  • Men's & Women's Group - These groups meet to benefit and edify the body of Christ, the church, to honor God in everyday life.
  • College & 20|30 Something Group - As these young people enter colleges or into society as young adults, they need to live by faith on this important stage in life. They meet to learn the Word of God and share their inner thoughts how to continue on the path of the Jesus Christ in real life to become mature in their spirituality.
  • Junior High & High School Group - Teenagers are facing increasingly harder decisions today, and often need a guiding hand. These groups strive to serve that purpose by helping to keep these youngsters focused and on the path to God. Sound teachings of the Lord is presented during their meetings to encourage and challenge them what it takes to claim the life of victory in Jesus.
  • Grades K-5 - As children begin to learn how to get along with one another, it is important that they begin to understand how to walk with God in their lives. During Bible studies, they are taught comprehensive Biblical stories and principles through interactive methods of learning. Scripture is emphasized, and memorization is encouraged. They will learn to pray for their families, community, as well as unreached groups.
  • Nursery & Preschool - These young ones are just beginning their walks of life. They are taught basic concepts from the Bible through songs and hands-on activities. We believe that strong foundations are the keys to holding Christian values in today's world.